Review Policy

MY Review Policy:

I love Indie authors...

On how I get the books:
All the books I review here have either been purchased at the local bookstore or via Amazon, gifted, sent by the author, or sent by the publisher.

Review time frame:
I try to have my review posted with in of 2weeks after it’s sent but as much as I would like to it doesn’t always happen. so please let me know if you have certain deadlines or requirements so I can make a note of that.

About my reviews:

My reviews include a rating, release date, and summary (with out spoiling). My reviews also include recommendations for the book or against the book. Not all of my reviews are good but they are all True to my heart. Every review I write is my own honest opinion about the book. So sorry if I offend anyone but I feel I owe it to the authors to be honest.

What I will review:

Young Adult, Literature & Fiction, Paranormal, Erotica,Romance and Fantasy.

What I will not review:

Horror I do not like to be scared. Sci-fi just isn’t my style and westerns are not happening. Sorry.

Don't get me wrong if something is good enough
and you really want me to read it just ask.

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